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Base commission 5.00%
UbiBot ® offers a revolutionary way to monitor environmental conditions where they matter. The sensors synchronise with our UbiBot ® IoT Platform using WiFi (no expensive separate hub). You can then access your data from anywhere via smartphone or the web. 

Promotion Offer: 

The 5% off discount code for UbiBot Devices (affiliates_direct) is automatically applied for registered affiliates' customer on orders over $250. 
*This affiliate program is meant to enhance visibility of our products on the Internet. It is not meant to allow a customer to get a discount on the his/her second order. The link must be posted on forums/blogs/social media sites with large relevant audience, and 10 or more unique visitors (other than yourself) must click the link before it can generate above referral credit. The referred customer must not be related to the referrer in any way, i.e. from the same company, have the same billing or shipping address, etc.()